Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just a few pictures from Commencement 2012

Quaron Pinckney, Frantzy Suffrard, Giselle Regalado with me after Commencement
Marilyn Cormier from the Office of the President and our Commencement speaker Tom Freston '67
Kevin Hunt and his amazing 92 year old Grandfather and Paul Sapia
Mike McKinney gave the student address at Commencement - selected by his classmates, Mike was true to form and gave an amazing address.
Paul Sapia and his family were kind enough to invite me for a celebration of his graduation
Miss Jillian - Jill Monahan from the wonderful Monahan family I have mentioned in previous blogs - Marge and John sure have done an amazing job raising 4 great "kids" - Jill's three older brothers, her sister-in-law Justine, also an SMC alum, her future sister-in-law (congratulations again to Alex and Julie) AND, of course, the love of all their lives, Riley - an amazing little girl who has captured all of our hearts - all were there to continue to share in Jill's success.

Taking some time away to hopefully do some writing BUT, I will be back.....

Take care, be well and please keep all of the members of our military, our veterans and their families in your thoughts and prayers.  I can now be followed on Twitter (yes, I finally gave in and set up an account and will now use that to keep providing my students with articles and challenges that I used to give them in class) - if interested, you can find me @drdavelanders


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