Thursday, June 9, 2011

NE-10 Sportsmanship Award goes to SMC ice hockey player Alex Higgins

Shown at the Awards Dinner for the NE-10 annual meeting, held this year, in Providence Rhode Island is men's ice hockey coach Chris Davidson, recent graduate and male Sportsmanship Award winner Alex Higgins and Julie Ruppert, Commissioner of the NE-10. Alex was honored with a plaque and a great picture which will hang over in the Ross Sport Center. Alex was nominated by his coach and not only is an outstanding student (psychology major) but a great role model for all of our student-athletes - well done and very much deserved Alex - congratulations. Our meetings in Providence were good and it was gratifying to see that the NCAA has broadened their definition of diversity as I attended, along with AD Geri Knortz, the Diversity Workshop on Tuesday. This four hour workshop addressed issues of diversity from a broad perspective and included the issues of race, gender, sexual orientation and privilege. The rest of our meetings were a combination of athletic directors, faculty athletics representatives(FAR), senior women administrators and a variety of assistant and associate athletic directors from all 16 schools currently in the NE - 10. It was nice to re-connect with many of my FAR friends for these meetings and to find that our concerns are being addressed as we work with the NCAA's Life In Balance programs to ensure that our student-athletes do, in fact, have that balance that is so necessary between their academics, their athletics AND a social life.

As I am working in my office this morning, many of my colleagues are next door attending the annual TWTW - Teaching With Technology Workshop. I would have been in there but it is a week long event and I had to be in Providence Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. This workshop helps faculty members better understand how technology and all of the changes that it makes in our lives, really DOES fit into the classroom.

Take care, be well, and please keep all of the members of our military and their families, and all of our veterans in your thoughts and prayers.


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