Saturday, April 10, 2010

A VSAC presentation and lots of activities as the semester winds down FAST...

I drove to Lyndonville, VT this morning to Lyndon State College to do another presentation for VSAC - Vermont Student Assistance Corporation - this one was for around 200 parents of current high school juniors - the Governor welcomed the students and their parents and then the parents spent the next hour and a half with me talking with them about the transition from high school to college. I enjoy doing these presentations and the questions that parents raise are excellent. I know that much of the information I give them will make them uncomfortable and I challenge them to talk to their "kids" and to listen more. I cover a wide range of topics including mental health issues, student-athletes' often difficult transition from being the "hero" in high school to sitting the bench for a year in college, to academic achievement and gender, drugs/alcohol and sex. I appreciate that VSAC offers workshops like this to help parents with what can be a difficult time for them. Oh yes, it snowed most of the way there this morning but by the time I left and drove home the temperatures had climbed to the mid-50's and the snow had melted - it WAS Mother Nature's way or reminding us that this IS early April and she may not be finished with us just yet - the average snowfall in Vermont is between 4 & 5 inches so even though our students are now wearing shorts and flip flops around campus things can change quickly. Besides, with only three more weeks of classes left, I can sometimes hear grade point averages drop as the temperatures rise :)

As the semester DOES wind down most departments are hosting the work of their senior majors. Our Psychology Symposium is on the 23rd which will include the induction ceremony for Psi Chi - the Psychology Honor Society, Journalism presentations will be soon, Phi Beta Kappa held their induction ceremony yesterday as did the History Department, Journalism and Education Departments, the Athletic Department hosts a speaker on Monday - this presentation, entitled Rachael's Challenge tells the story of the first young woman who was killed in the horrific Columbine massacre, Kathryn Markey '84 returns to share some of her writings and of course, several of our athletic teams are in the throes of their seasons.

This is always a busy time on campus and I try to remind students, especially seniors to take some time to appreciate what they HAVE experienced here over the past one, two, three OR four years. It is rewarding to be able to watch young people be challenged - to see them face those challenges and grow so much from these challenges - just another one of the joys of working here at SMC.

take care, be well, and please don't forget the members of our military and their families - keep them in your thoughts and prayers.


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